Amy B Berman


Contact Information   

Phone: (202) 905-8818


About me

Amy B. Berman

Doctoral Candidate, Psychology Ph.D. Program (APA Accredited)

Department of Psychology, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN

2014-2015 Vanderbilt Medical School, VMAC/Neurology

2013-2015 Immigration Evaluation Services, Athena Consulting 

2013-2014 Vanderbilt University, Psychological and Counseling Center (PCC)

APA Committee Member, APAGS CEMA (Sept 2013 - Sept 2015)

APA Div. 56, Trauma Psychology Publication Committee (Sept 2013 - Present)

APA Div. 52, International Psychology, Campus Representative (2013 - Present)

APA APAGS, Campus Representative (Fall 2012 - Fall 2013)

Researcher, NSF HBCU-UP Broadening Participation Research (BPR) Grant

Researcher, Athena Immigration Services Division, Evaluation Research Team

Other Activities

Consulting, Grant Writing & Program Evaluation

  1. Community-based and nonprofit organizations

  2. University-community partnerships

  3. Policy Analysis